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UFOs and the OccultUFOS: Five Questions That Believes Can’t Answer

Below are five questions Believers need to answer about the nature of UFOs but can’t. They’ll try, usually with responses like “Well, you never know” or “It could happen” or “They may possess the appropriate technology.” In other words, they don’t have an answer.

If Believers could answer just one of the following questions intelligibly and logically then maybe, just maybe, us non-Believers would be open to the idea that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials. 

1. How Would They Find Earth?
For aliens to come to Earth, they would first have to find Earth. How would they do that? Earth is a pretty small planet in a fairly big universe. Most likely they would detect our radio waves but even that would be akin to finding a needle in a haystack, a haystack the size of Jupiter.

2. Why Would They Reveal Themselves?
If you have the technology to traverse the stars then you have the technology to examine Earth without being seen. Even without stealth you could monitor Earth from orbit. Heck, humans can barely go to the moon but our satellites can spy on every square inch of this planet. 

3. If they did enter Earth’s atmosphere wouldn’t they have a better end game?You’re an alien who travels millions of light-years to Earth and what do you do once you get here? You randomly buzz a Midwestern farm? I don’t think so. If you spend the immense resources needed to travel to another planet you’re going to do so with a thorough plan. It’s highly doubtful that such a plan would involve flying around a swamp in the middle of nowhere or harassing some lone motorist on a country road.

4. Why are “unidentified flying objects” alien in origin?
I believe there are unidentified flying objects. You throw a Frisbee into the air, the sun hits it just right, and your neighbor has no idea what whizzed by their window. Bam! You have yourself a UFO. But ignorance never equates to alien. Saying an UFO is a craft from another world is like saying I’m an auto mechanic because I drive a car. It’s more reasonable to believe that all unexplained phenomenon are from Earth origin then it is to believe that just one is from another world.

5. Where’s the proof that aliens have visited Earth?Contrary to what believers believe, there isn’t one piece of conclusive evidence that undeniably proves aliens have visited Earth. You think we would have some by now since just about everyone is walking around with a camera in their pocket, but we don’t. 


gunDebunking Sandy Hook Conspiracies

Shame on me for being shocked, you’d think I would have seen this coming, but there are people who actually think the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy. Yeah, I know. It’s hard to fathom. These so-called “Sandy Hook Truthers” believe Adam Lanza did not open fire inside Sandy Hook Elementary and fatally shoot 26 women and children (after he had already shot and killed his mother) like the news media reported. They think there were either more shooters, fewer children died, the parents were actors, or it didn’t happen at all.

These truthers spew meaningless observations like “if you look at the shooting logically a lot of things don’t make sense.” Then they ask some rhetorical question and tell you it’s “evidence.” I usually give conspiracy theorists the benefit of the doubt because they make us think. But this time they’ve reached a new low. Nonetheless, I’ll begrudgingly add credence to their despicable theories by debunking them.

Sandy Hook Truther: “Parents weren’t grieving enough and are therefore actors.”
RESPONSE: All you have to do is take one college psych class to know that people grieve differently. Also, how does anyone know how every parent grieved? A few videos shot by a news crews are conclusive of nothing. Another way people grieve is by devising ridiculous and insensitive conspiracy theories that explain the senseless slaughter of 27 human beings.

Sandy Hook Truther: “This was a false flag event to earn popular support for gun control.”
RESPONSE:According to gun haters, people are getting killed by bullets every second. Why would they need to manufacture a shooting? Furthermore, if Adam Lanza had been part of the conspiracy, they would have made him a card-carrying member of the Tea Party, a Christian fundamentalist, and Fox News watcher.

Sandy Hook Truther: “The Obama Administration orchestrated the shooting to enact gun control laws.”
RESPONSE: All that will happen is a law or two will be passed, or an executive order will get signed, that will make it a bit harder to get a gun or lower the size of ammo clips. The government is not going to do anything more drastic that that. Guns aren’t going anywhere. Democrats will use the crisis to score some points with their base and maybe win over some wimpy independents. That’s very little gain for such a complicated and costly conspiracy.

I think Obama is the worst president of all-time. Yet, I’m 100 percent certain that there is no way he would ever okay the murder of 20 children or their pretend murders. To insinuate his involvement in this massacre is an insult of the greatest magnitude. I doubt anyone, even harden criminals or tyrannical dictators, would sanction a horror like the Sandy Hook shooting. The only people who would even think about slaying school children are the mentally insane, like Adam Lanza.

“There were early reports [Peter Lanza] was killed, and that is an impossibility, that such a thing would be randomly falsely reported. So, there has to be an unseen hand (unnamed law enforcement officials) feeding disinformation and misinformation, maybe to form an incomprehensible web to dissuade or confuse investigations?” – Jay Johnson,
RESPONSE: Hate to break it to you but the news media ain’t what it used to be. The days of Edwin R. Murrow sucking down a pack of cigarettes while breaking a legitimate news story are long gone. The news media doesn’t have the brains of 60 Minutes they have the brains of the Today show. I’ve worked in the news media, and no offense to them, but they’re not geniuses. They get things wrong all the time. They do so because they’d rather be wrong and report it first than be right and report it last.

Sandy Hook Truther: “Gene Rosen, the man who sheltered six kids escaping the shooting, is an actor.”
RESPONSE: He’s not an actor he’s a psychologist. There is a “Gene Rosen” in SAG but he’s seven years younger. Why would they hire a SAG actor anyway? Why include this guy in a hoax in the first place? It makes no sense. By the way, Rosen is currently being harassed by Sandy Hook Truthers. The producer of a YouTube video called “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed” refused to give his name to an interviewer because he was concerned for his safety. Of course, he or she wasn’t referring to a someone punching him in the mouth for being an insensitive douche bag but the men in black suits.

Sandy Hook Truther: “Adam Lanza’s father was about to testify in a banking scandal and this was a distraction.”
RESPONSE: So because of the Sandy Hook shooting the judge will all of a sudden forget the details of the case and throw it out of court? Who pays attention to banking scandals in the first place? I mean besides the overall gist of the scandal? Unless you’re one of the 113 people in the world who actually knows how the banking industry works you’ll be distracted from a bank scandal by dangling keys.

Sandy Hook Truther: “Peter Lanza is reportedly an executive with GE, which is locally into genetic research and closely tied to the Obama regime.”
RESPONSE: GE is one of the largest companies on Earth. They research everything, probably have a boatload of executives, and most assuredly gave millions of dollars to the Obama campaign (which to GE is petty cash). Also, what does this have to do with anything? Is this supposed to make Peter Lanza some player who has the contacts to pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude?

Sandy Hook Truther: “The Sandy Hook Shooting was a cover-up for the murder of Adam Lanza’s mother who was costing his father a lot of money.”
RESPONSE: This is my favorite. This is like burning the house to cover-up spilled milk or robbing a bank to cover-up a jaywalking ticket. Do these conspiracy theorists even listen to themselves?


Crop Circles Appear In Wilbur, Washington

I was surprised to run across a crop circle story the other day. I thought the ridiculous phenomenon had been so utterly debunked that even the lame-stream media ignored them.

I’m apparently wrong.

Crop circles recently “appeared” in a wheat field near Wilbur, Washington—yes, the town is actually named “Wilbur.” The circles puzzled residents because there were NO footprints leading to or from the circular designs. Cue dramatic organ music.

You have to think that even green men from Uranus would know to stay away from a town named Wilbur.

As the story I read pointed out, Wilbur is 10 miles south of the Grand Coulee Dam. Okay, that’s fine. The dam is a popular landmark.

Then it explains that the dam is the largest hydroelectric power producer in the country. That bit of information is absolutely unnecessary to the story unless the author wants to make some connection between aliens and the power plant.

Maybe the E.T.s stopped by to suck up some power and then, when they were drunk off of electricity, decided to make some crop circles.

The deflowered wheat field is owned by Greg Geib. His family has been in Wilbur for more than a century. In fact, the road running next to his field bares his name.

Greg took the destruction of his wheat in stride. His wife Cindy said this is the third circle to hit the greater Wilbur-area.

“I wasn’t horrified or shocked since it has happened before and I had already seen the other ones.”

Cindy wants to believe the circles were created by aliens. She spun a yarn of the aliens arriving, putting everyone to sleep, and then doing their thing in the wheat field.

To her credit, she did say that the circles are probably the work of hobbyists.

She also said no one had come to investigate the crop circles. Maybe they can’t find Wilbur on a map.

By the way, the study of crop circles is called cerelogy. I especially get a kick out of the cerelogists who examine crop circles with a Geiger counter. They claim to find high levels of radiation inside crop circles. I think they just haven’t read the machine’s instructions.

Crop circles are as mysterious as a stubbed toe. They have no connection to extraterrestrial beings, another dimension, or the spirit world. They are nothing more than a practical joke and have been proven to be so numerous times and beyond a shadow of a doubt.


UFOs and the OccultUFOs Near Military Operations In Oklahoma, Michigan

Believers love UFO reports by service men.

Men and women in the military tend to have a lot of clout and because of the sacrifices they make for our country people are hesitant to contradict their claims.

On the morning of July 17, soldiers at Fort Still, Oklahoma reported seeing a UFO.

They described the object as a glowing orb that slowly descended. It glowed dull-green then bright green. It increased speed, appeared to catch on fire, and seemed to crash.

At one point it had a tail. It lasted for 30 seconds and made no sound.

One of the witnesses said they felt a strong urge to look at the sky. They said it’s a feeling they often get before seeing a UFO.

That’s another favorite meme of Believers. They love it when a witness has a psychic connection with a UFO.

The same witness said it looked “like a meteorite burning up.” That’s probably because it was.

A similar looking object was seen in Oklahoma in early June.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, the Air National Guard explained that a “field of fireballs” seen on July 10 were actually decoy flares used in a training session.

The flares were seen by several residents. Many who saw the falling lights called 911.

One author called the military liars and claimed (if you look at the video) that the “so-called” flares seem to have been controlled by intelligence. That’s definitely true if you believe gravity is intelligent.

Military flares are often mistaken for alien spacecraft. Then when the respective branch of the armed forces admits that the UFOs were really flares, the Believers suddenly turn into military flare experts.

I’ve never seen a military flare in the sky. I have no idea what one would look like or how they would react to the hundreds of variables they would encounter while falling from the sky.

Then again I was sick the day they taught “military flares” in school.


Roswell Myth Turns 65

ufos and the occultRoswell Myth Turns 65

UFOs and the Occult suggest giving that special Believer in your life a nice card and a new tinfoil hat.

No, it’s not Christmas—like Jesus is real. It’s the 65 anniversary of one of the most important events in the history of Ufology.

On July 8, 1947 a weather balloon carrying human-looking dummies crashed near a military base in Roswell, Mexico.

I mean aliens crashed near a military base in Roswell, New Mexico.

For 65 years, Believers have used Roswell as a rallying cry. Just as Texans use the Alamo or Wisconsinites use cheese.

Of course, the alien discovery is only half of the story. The other half is the government cover up. I supposed we can also celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Uncle Sam denying the existence of aliens despite having warehouses full of their spaceships, weaponry, and toiletries.

Believers point out that in 1947 Public Information Officer Walter Haut of the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico issued a press release indicating that the base had found a “flying saucer.” By the way, a flying saucer doesn’t necessarily indicate alien life, just a saucer that flies.

You see if an army PIO says something it has to be true!

A day later, army officials in Fort Worth said they didn’t have a flying saucer but a weather balloon.

Unlike the PIO, who was telling the truth, those army officials were lying.

Unfortunately for skeptics, it was too late. Believers had it in their minds that the government had their grubby little paws on aliens and were covering it up.

At the time, flying saucers were on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Why? Well, a month earlier the entire UFO movement started when Kenneth Arnold saw “flying saucers” near Mt. Rainer while tootling around in his airplane.

Haut, not knowing he had stumbled across something as innocuous and as mad-made as a weather balloon, called it a “flying saucer.” It would be like in early days of Facebook, an internet neophyte calling any social networking site they came across “Facebook.”

The higher ups, realizing the poor wisdom of Haut’s poor choice of words, and the fact that he was dead wrong, quickly retracted his announcement.

In the 65 years since Haut’s fateful press release, not a shred of proof has been found to substantiate the proposition that aliens crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

Basically, we’re celebrating the 65th anniversary of nothing significant happening.


UfosMost Americans Think Obama Would Surrender To Aliens Better Than Romney

According to a poll conducted by Kelton Research, 65% of Americans think Mr. Obama would be better at handling an alien invasion than Mitt Romney.

It makes sense. The visiting aliens would possess technology far greater than ours and therefore we’d need a leader good at capitulation and appeasement. And who’s better at cowering to our enemies than President Obama? He’s not Bill Pullman from Independence Day.

All seriousness aside, there’s probably a dozen contingency plans for an alien invasion. Surely, whoever is in the oval office they will offer the same immediate response.

Granted, the President’s leadership will be tested in a prolonged confrontation but in the opening moments of an extraterrestrial incursion it’s nothing but following the playback.

The survey also tells us that 36 percent of Americans believe aliens have visited Earth, 48 percent weren’t sure, and 17 percent said they don’t think it’s happened. Yes, those numbers total 101 percent and I have no idea why.

Here’s where it gets interesting: 77 percent of Americans think there are signs that aliens have visited the Earth. That’s three out of every four people!!!

Believers will use these numbers as more proof that the Earth has been visited by aliens. The numbers reveal nothing. Just because the majority of people believe something doesn’t make it true.

What it does reveal is that the foundation for Ufology is speculation not investigation. People make money off of the prospect that aliens have visited or are currently visiting Earth. The industry needs people to believe and the best way to do that is to spread salacious stories and fascinating theories; the worst way to make money is to offer answers.

Believers only deal with the top layer of the onion. If you start peeling back the layers you’ll find that their theses don’t hold up… and you’ll also find Believers crying.

If the Americans who participated in Kelton Research’s poll spent five minutes with an astrophysicist, astronomer, or logician then that 77 percent number would be considerably lower.

The funniest part of the article is that 28 percent of the respondents think Roswell, New Mexico is the most likely place for aliens to land. More people picked Roswell than the White House.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Roswell has cultural significance not political or economic significance. It would be the last place aliens would land especially since it’s in the middle of nowhere. That answer alone proves that a large number of people have a rudimentary knowledge of the subject and don’t run the possibility of alien visitations through the gauntlet of critical thinking.


UfosUri Geller Thinks UFOs Come For ‘The Lamb’ But Stay For The Veal

Famous Israeli conman—I mean psychic Uri Geller is hoping to use cameras set-up on Scotland’s Lamb Island to not only capture images of strange wildlife but UFOs as well.

The 65-year-old fraud—I mean mentalist purchased Lamb Island a few years ago. He bought the island because of its connection to Egyptian pyramids.

Apparently, residents have seen several unidentified flying objects in the skies of Scotland’s Firth of Forth Chain and Uri thinks the cameras can snatch pictures of the little green men behind the wheel.

“Locals have told me they have seen strange objects moving above it. I can’t believe it would be an aircraft or a balloon, and they have assured me it is not either of those,” Geller said.

Oh well, they’ve assured him it’s not aircraft or balloons so it must be aliens from another planet. As we all know, people who live in coastal communities like North Berwick are experts when it comes to aircrafts and balloons.

Isn’t it funny how a lot of UFO sightings occur near water? You don’t think light reflecting off of waves and shinning onto clouds could have anything to do with that? Nah!

Of course, I’m burying the lead. Uri Geller owns an island! Who knew the dude was rich enough to island up.

He bought it in 2009 for 30,000 pounds.

Before you start making this guy out to be a Bond villain, Lamb Island, or The Lamb, is basically a huge rock sticking out of the water with nothing on it.

As for Lamb Island’s connections to Egypt and the Great Pyramids, legend states that Egyptian Princess Scota used it to bury some treasure. Scota is Tutankamun’s sis.

Lamb Island is the middle of three islands. The other two are Fidra and Craigleith. The three islands mirror the placement of the Great Pyramids in Giza.

A few years ago, Uri camped on the island to look for the buried treasure. He didn’t find anything. Probably because the islands HAVE NO CONNECTION TO THE GREAT PYRAMIDS!!!

It sounds like he’s trying to connect Lamb Island to UFOs so he can monetize the rock and recoup his 30,000 pounds. Then again, what do I know? I can’t read minds.


UFO Pyramid Scheme

UFO Pyramid Scheme

There’s been a rash of reports from all over the world of people seeing pyramid-like UFOs.

– On May 3, 2012 a couple in Cambridge, Ontario photographed a pyramid-shaped object “flying” through a cloud.
– About a week later, a man in Israel saw a serious of pyramids floating in the sky (see video below).
– In December of 2009, a “giant pyramid” was seen hovering over the Kremlin.

Not that Believers do it on purpose, or with malice, but describing a UFO as a “pyramid” is very deceiving. It’s like using the word “speak” (just about any animal that can make a sound can speak) instead of the word “talk” (which connotes intelligence).

Granted, most reputable authors use the term “pyramid-shape” but all their readers take away is the word “pyramid.” And the word “pyramid” instantly reminds one of The Great Pyramids of Egypt. The Great Pyramids which were made by man (although some will even disagree with that) and are often related to ancient aliens. So right off the bat, even without investigating a claim, a “pyramid” UFO sighting is given far more clout than it probably deserves thanks to the association most Earthlings immediately draw.

In other words, don’t get swept up when a Believer uses the term “pyramid.” Wait until you review their photographic evidence.

We have reviewed their photographic evidence and are not convinced. The Cambridge couple saw what is probably a technical glitch—they first noticed the object when they looked at their pictures on their computer (by the way, it doesn’t even look like a pyramid). Of course, the couple does have logic on their side because any alien race that’s visiting from another planet would definitely make a beeline to a Canadian suburb.

The man from Israel saw military flares.


UFOs and the OccultUFO Abducts Plane: Irrefutable Proof Of Aliens Visiting Earth! (Not Really)

The video below apparently shows a UFO abducting a plane, or at least snatching up another flying object.

To better explain the aerial mystery the footage is stabilized, magnified, and slowed—some people have a lot of free time. We especially love when the filmmakers added the neon crosshairs and then inverted the colors. As if cheap effects are going to prove the existence of life from another planet.

The video is quite entertaining but looks more like two bugs distorted by the perspective of the lens then spaceships piloted by little green men.

The first question that needs to be answered is why in tarnation was the camera pointed at the sky in first place? Are we to believe that someone just happened to be photographing the sky at the exact moment aliens were doing maneuvers?

Believers will tell you that nothing made by humans can fly like that. They would be right. The reason Earthlings don’t dart around in the skies isn’t because we lack some kind of technology, but we don’t want our insides scrambled!

Flying around like the trailing object in the video is silly, a waste of resources, and a surefire way to get yourself killed. Surely, if an alien race is smart enough to find Earth and traverse the rigors of space, they wouldn’t enter our atmosphere and adopt a flight pattern that resembles something a 10-year old would devise.


UFOs and the OccultSmoky Vortex UFO Acts With ‘Intelligence’

I think they look like kites but what do I know.

You can see for yourself in the video below.

On an apparently windless day, two funnel clouds appeared high in the sky. They moved around one another, joined together, broke apart, and then headed for the horizon. They didn’t seem to act like any known meteorological phenomenon (even though that’s what it was).

It was a spooky, supernatural occurrence (cue strange pipe organ music).

The author admitted that it’s not your “traditional” UFO before claiming that the object had an intelligence purpose.

This is a prime example of how Believers, unintentionally in our case, misinterpret what it is to have “intelligence” or to act with “intelligence.”

If objects in the air come together that does not indicate intelligence.

If objects in the air come apart that does not indicate intelligence.

If objects in the air come together and then come apart that does not indicate intelligence.

Spirals, loop-de-loops, zigzags, swoops and most other aerial maneuvers are not in and of themselves indicators of intelligence.

What is an indicator of intelligence is an aerial craft landing, someone getting out, and introducing themselves as a visitor from another planet. Now, that’s an indicator of intelligence.